Farmersville ISD has an opening for an instructional technology facilitator on a twelve month contract.

More information can be found in the attached file or at

DISTRICT:   Farmersville
POSTING DATE:   04/02/2012
LOCATION:   District Wide
POSITION:   Instructional Technology Facilitator
JOB DESCRIPTION:   Facilitate the effective use of computers and other technology in instructional programs districtwide. Assist in the development of short- and long-range plans for the integration of technology into the instructional program. Implement and coordinate the technology staff development and training program.

Other Duties:
1. Compile, maintain, and file all physical and computerized reports, records, and other documents as required.
2. Comply with policies established by federal and state law, State Board of Education rule, and local board policy.
3. Comply with all district and campus routines and regulations.
4. Other duties as assigned

JOB QUALIFICATIONS:   Education/Certification:
Bachelor’s degree
Valid Texas teaching certificate
Special Knowledge/Skills:
Knowledge of computer hardware and software applications
Knowledge of technologies available for use in instructional setting
Knowledge of curriculum design and implementation
Ability to develop and deliver technology training to adult learners
Strong organizational, communication, and interpersonal skills
DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES:   Professional Development:1. Conduct needs assessments to determine school-wide, faculty, grade-level, and subject area strengths and weaknesses in order to inform the content and delivery of professional development programs and technology interventions that have a direct positive impact on student learning.
2. Design, develop, and implement technology-rich professional development programs that model principles of adult learning and promote digital-age best practices in teaching, learning, and assessment.
3. Evaluate results of professional development programs, technology infrastructure, and instructional technology interventions to determine the overall effectiveness of a program on deepening student content knowledge, improving pedagogical skills, and increasing student learning.
Teaching, Learning, and Assessment
1. Model and coach teachers to design and implement technology-enhanced learning experiences addressing content standards and student technology standards.
2. Model and coach teachers to design and implement technology-enhanced learning experiences using a variety of research-based, learner-centered instructional strategies and assessment tools to address the diverse needs and interests of all students.
3. Coach teachers to engage students in local and global interdisciplinary units in which technology helps students assume professional roles, research real-world problems, collaborate with others, and produce products that are meaningful and useful to a wide audience.
4. Model and coach teachers to design and implement technology-enhanced learning experiences emphasizing higher order thinking skills (e.g., compare, contrast, classify); processes (e.g., problem-solving, decision-making); and mental habits of mind (e.g., critical thinking, creative thinking, and self-regulation).
5. Model and coach teachers to design and implement technology-enhanced learning experiences using differentiation, including adjusting content, process, product, and learning environment based upon student readiness levels, learning styles, interests and personal goals.
6. Model and c
REQUIRED EXPERIENCE:   3 years teaching experience
3 years experience working with computer hardware and instructional software applications
SALARY:   district teacher scale commensurate w/duty days
DAYS:   226
START DATE:   June, 2012

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