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What a stunner! Blackboard, which ranks up there with the evil empire, is swallowing two Moodle Partners.

Blackboard, the maker of learning and education software for enterprises and schools, has acquired Moodlerooms and NetSpot, two providers of open source online learning technology. Financial terms were not disclosed.
Both companies provide learning management hosting, support, and consulting services and products to clients using open source systems. NetSpot is also a reseller and service provider for Blackboard Collaborate. Moodlerooms primarily serves clients in North America, while NetSpot serves a client base in Australia, New Zealand and the Asia Pacific region. (Source: TechCrunch)

What will this mean for Moodle? Probably nothing. It may be that Blackboard is trying to cash in on Moodle and rejoin the course management system/learning management system (CMS/LMS) community. I doubt they will “embrace and extinguish” but even if they do, Moodle is a community of developers.

Given news articles like the one below–which erroneously says Blackboard is being replaced with Moodlerooms (rather than Moodle CMS)–it’s fun to see what will happen:

As the new semester rolls in, students and faculty alike are making the switch from Blackboard to Moodlerooms, a program that allows professors to put course materials and lessons online.
Moodlerooms is still a mystery to many students and teachers, who are now asking how they will make the transition.
“I want to advise students that Moodlerooms is nothing to be afraid of,” said Mary Johnson, online learning faculty coordinator and professor of computer information systems.  Johnson taught a course with Moodlerooms over the winter 2012 session.
“At the end of the course session, I did a survey and found that most students preferred Moodlerooms to Blackboard. Students see it as more user-friendly and easier to navigate.” Harmon Huynh, 22, cognitive science major, agreed. (Read source)

What do you think Blackboard’s motives are for acquiring two Moodle Partners?

Update: Follow-up post here.

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