No matter what the technology and how perfect people say it is, there are problems with it. After all, it’s the nature of machines to reflect the imperfections of their makers. As I sit back and wait for my 3rd generation iPad to arrive, I’m more sensitive to the stories of imperfection about it. My reaction is a normal one–“Should I return the iPad 3 and trade it in for an iPad 2?”

The funny thing is, the more secure a company is in its product, the braver and more forthcoming it should be in fixing it. Of course, that’s like expecting the CEO of a company to say, “We have some problems…and we need to fix them.” It’s a desirable trait, but not always perceived as necessary. It’s easier to just “smooth things over,” to keep silent until the issue can be resolved or until the last possible moment.

What are some of these facts that Apple maybe never publicized or hasn’t been as forthcoming as we’d like as consumers? (Feel free to point out if that perspective is inaccurate!)

  1. iPad’s battery gauge is inaccurately saying it’s at 100% charge when another hour is needed. (Read source and this one). Furthermore, old charging cables may not do the job they did with the iPad 2 (Source). A possible solution? Get Battery Tune LT (no cost) to help gauge battery charge.
  2. iPad burns hot, as hot as 116 degrees. (Read source)
  3. Old iPad2 apps will appear pixelated on the iPad 3 because they aren’t built for retinal display, and will dramatically increase in size. If they don’t, non-3rd Generation iPad apps will appear pixelated. (Source: MacWorld)
  4. iPad 3 storage won’t go as far as previous iPads because the retinal display optimized apps will be bigger. That means, you’ll want to buy a larger size iPad 3rd generation. (Source: MacWorld)
  5. WiFi problems have been reported for the iPad 3rd generation (Source and another one)
Of course, it’s probably an exaggeration to say you were never told these facts! The information has been out there for quite awhile. It would be more accurate to say, *I* didn’t know about them until recently.
Would they have changed my decision to get an iPad 3rd generation? Not really. None of these are necessarily show-stoppers, or, at least, problems that will remain beyond a firmware update (except the battery burning hot, but I’ve had many a laptop that burned hot!).

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