There is an opening in Katy ISD as Instructional Technology Coordinator.  This is a 238 day position at the district level. 

POSTING DATE:   03/22/2012
CLOSE DATE:   04/04/2012
POSTING NUMBER:   00001629
JOB TITLE:   Instructional Technology Coordinator
Bachelor’s Degree
Minimum of three years classroom experience
Demonstrated ability as an instructional leader with both adults and students
Proven leadership skills
Demonstrated capacity to be self-directed, organized, and collaborative with all staff members
Demonstrate ability in the research, development and delivery of innovative technologies


To provide the technical expertise and innovative direction to district and campus teams that support the technology and curriculum goals of Katy ISD. 

Provide leadership and technical expertise to district and campus personnel in the planning, implementation, and evaluation of effective instructional technology practices throughout the district. 

Technical Expertise:

1. Provide technical expertise and best educational practices utilizing mobile learning devices.
2. Assist with the identification and resolution of software application and hardware issues.
3. Serve as a liaison to outside vendors providing support for technology equipment and software.
4. Evaluate new and emerging technologies and its use for application of classroom instruction.

Research and Development:

1. Assist writing new policies and procedures affecting digital learning and emerging technologies.
2. Provide cutting-edge information on emerging technologies, trends, research, applications, and effective practices related to technology use within the curriculum and other district operations. 
3. Provide teachers and students with educational and technical training for new initiatives.
4. Assist district and campus personnel with the planning and delivery of technology training, implementation of technology plans, and selection of technology equipment and software.

Professional Development:

1. Develop and present instructional technology initiatives, workshops, and courses to increase knowledge and familiarity with available technologies and methods of integration.
2. Build training capacity by finding opportunities to offer professional development to teachers in a variety of modalities.
3. Work with professional learning teams to identify technology integration opportunities that will be implemented district wide.
4. Create technology learning resources, curriculum, and lessons using a variety of methods that model the philosophy of Katy ISD Teaching & Learning Department while ensuring it is aligned with the Instructional Technology goals and state technology standards.
5. Participate in a teaching and learning manner at approved technology and curriculum conferences that enhance professional qualifications.


1. Collaborate within the Technology Department as well as Teaching & Learning Department to create the best methods for delivering technology integrated lessons to teachers and students.
2. Serve as an ambassador for innovative technologies and best teaching practices with campuses, parents, and community.  
3. Assist with the facilitation of school activities that promote the campus technology to parents and community.
4. Work collaboratively with other departments.
5. Exhibit professional attitude, attire, and communication at all times.

Other Duties:

1. Compile, maintain, and file all physical and computerized reports, records, and other documents as required.
2. Comply with policies established by federal and state law, State Board of Education rule, and local board policy.
3. Comply with all district and campus routines and regulations.
4. Perform other such duties as required and/or assigned by the Director of Instructional Technology.
5. Other duties as assigned

Personal computer, printer, distance learning equipment, copier, and fax machine.

WORKING CONDITIONS:   Maintain emotional control under stress. Frequent district-wide travel. Repetitive hand motions and prolonged use of computer. Work with frequent interruptions. Physically able to handle small equipment and boxes. 

To apply, email a letter of interest and a resume to Susan Daniels,  Outside applicants, please ensure that your application is current.

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