A friend recently asked me, “How do I connect my old desktop computer to my wireless network?” As we explored the issue further, I decided to help out and set up the old Dell desktop to dual-boot to LubuntuLinux 11.10 and Windows XP. Although she expects to use the Linux side 95% of the time, there’s always the chance she may need the Windows XP side for something.

After taking care of that, we tried to figure out how to connect her desktop computer located downstairs to the wireless network–based off a Linksys Wireless-G router located upstairs. To accomplish that, I’m recommending purchase of a Penguin Wireless G USB Adapter…not only does it work with Linux, but also comes with Windows drivers!
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And, that will connect to the Linksys Wireless-G Broadband Router she already owns:
However, there’s a less expensive solution than the Penguin router…instead of paying $44 you could just spend a fraction of that to get the one below from Amazon (recommended by Rusty Meyners):

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What solution would you recommend? Obviously, both of these–Penguin or BlueProton– will probably work…..

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