This is a roundup of social media/networking in schools blog entries I’ve written in the past.

  1. Strategic Social Media Use in High School – Should we be using social media in high school classrooms? Can we afford not to?
  2. MyNotes – Social Media in Education – Some great research on the subject.
  3. Being Ethical and Using The Social Network – Should we be requiring students and staff to use for profit social media/network tools?
  4. Moment by moment – Social Media for School Administrators – Ever wish parents in your school could turn on their smartphone and see a moment by moment update of how their child is learning? Blending social media with web sites, you and your teachers can easily share powerful stories featuring your school’s children with the world. This article provides 5 simple tips you can put into place to provide just in time updates, whether you are a classroom teacher or a campus administrator.
  5. Mobile Devices Blur BoundariesFacilitated by mobile devices, blurred boundaries of work/school and home bring opportunities for conversation with our children, don’t they?
  6. Is Facebook the New Study Hall? – This type of app raises the question, again, as to whether schools are getting their money’s worth out of what they’re trying to use to foster collaboration among students and teachers, rather than taking advantage of existing technologies like Facebook.
  7. Social Networks Interact – 
  8. Social Media Permission Form – a draft of a social media permission form
  9. CIPA and Facebook – CIPA interpreted to allow use of social media in schools.
  10. The Role of Schools – Developing Student Social Skills – When we focus only on the non-virtual social culture of schools, are we abrogating our responsibility to help our children develop social skills they will need as adults? 
  11. MyNotes – Schools as Communities – Features research on the subject
  12. My Teacher Made Me Do It Redux – teachers–in their eagerness to get students using new Web 2.0 technologies–may encourage their children to lie when they dodge the Terms of Service. 
  13. My Teacher Made Me Do It – 
  14. Forbidden Fruit in K-12 Education
  15. You Keep What You Give Away
  16. Relevant <> Visible

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