Tim Holt (@timholt2007) was kind enough to record a few video interviews…it might help give you a sense of the Exhibit Hall. I wish more of us did this. I usually try to record audio, but catching it on video certainly appears to be fun! I’ve highlighted my favorites (please note that my posting the links here does not constitute an endorsement of any particular product and I DO NOT want vendors calling me to sell their product because they say I posted the video on my blog).

As always, it was great to catch up with you at TCEA!
Also, as always, I walked through the exhibit hall and did some interviewing, nothing in particular…just things that caught my eye.
I tried to stay away from “the big boys” because everyone knows them and their products. (Once in a while, one will sneak in however.)
So, in a not-so-subtle attempt to drive some traffic to my lonely little Tumblr site, I have posted the interviews from the exhibit hall with the following links:

Univ North Texas PhD in Learning Technology
Augmented Reality Books
RockNLearn Music Video Lessons
Lumens 3D Document Camera
Stephanie Sandifer on “WIkis for School Leaders”
Online Professional Development from ASCD
Kerpoof Digital Storytelling tools
Inspiration for iPad
Splashtop VR Desktop for iPad
CK12 open textbook project
World’s Lightest Document Camera?
Wixie and Pixie digital media tools from Tech4Learning
A 360 degree walk through the exhibit hall at TCEA 2012 using GoPano
The 200X USB Smartscope Microscope

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