Ultimately, no man or woman is happy unless they have found a way to contribute beyond themselves. ~Tony Robbins

Playing around with Evernote–which I’m coming to fall in love with, albeit a bit late in the game–it occurred to me that sharing Notebooks of content with the world one at a time was cumbersome. Since dlvr.it was fresh on my mind, it occurred to me to try copying-n-pasting the Evernote shared notebook url–such as the one below–into dlvr-it and see what happened.

Not surprisingly, it worked, making it incredibly easy for me to share my reading interests on a variety of topics via Twitter and Facebook as I read them (within 15 minutes). This is awesome because there are many times when I don’t blog about what I’m reading, but still think it’s worth keeping.

Here’s the process:
1) Share Notebooks – This link is available in the top right corner:

2) Review your list of shared/unshared notebooks in Evernote, then click the button to START SHARING:

3) Generate the URL (Web Address) you want for a shared item:
Click START SHARING WITH THE WORLD and you’ll see:

4) Copy-n-paste the public URL (right-click on it) then drop it into ifttt.com or dlvr.it. Since I prefer dlvr.it, this is what it looks like for me:
That’s all there is to it! You can watch the items show up in your Twitter feed (note I’m using IceRocket Search Engine for Twitter below):

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