Post to Twitter from G+ within 30 minutes using ManageFlitter.
Read on to see a quicker solution!

Today, I wondered, “What if I could feed my G+ content–where all my pictures, etc. end up when I’m using my mobile Android phone–to Twitter, which in turn, sends it on to Facebook?” I’ve often played around with routing my content, to the chagrin of people who follow me. I hope my experiments this evening won’t result in too many double tweets, etc.

we are all droplets cast to sparkle in the sun, remade in the merging, to be liberated again in the twitter stream. – Miguel Guhlin ;->

If I were a PR/Communications guy for a school district who has to manage sharing content, I’d want to find an easy way to post content once on my district blog, then see that content delivered to all areas.

Two processes I want to “short-circuit” or streamline:
#1 – A quick review of my current process when posting from my mobile phone:
1) Share content via Plurk from my mobile phone.
2) Content shared via Plurk is cross-posted to Twitter
3) Twitter content is cross-posted to Facebook.
#2 – Here’s what it looks like when posting from my blog:
1) Post to blog.
2) Blogger now asks me if I want to post it to Google+
3) grabs my blog’s RSS feed and posts it to Twitter
4) Twitter cross-posts to Facebook.
As you can see from the steps above, G+ is left out of the game altogether. Currently, the service routes my blog entries to Twitter and Facebook, as well as a multitude of other things that get shared–all without my direct attention:

Some folks prefer to accomplish this, but I like after exploring both. You’ll also want to read this blog entry for G+ to to the world!

What do I want ideally?
1) Whether content originates from blog or mobile phone or Chrome browser, I post to G+
2) G+ post gets cross-posted to Twitter AND Plurk
3) Twitter cross-posts to Facebook
In spite of active exploration of tools (e.g.,, I haven’t found a satisfactory tool that will let me add everything to all my social networks. And, some folks will complain, “Miguel, we don’t want to read the same stuff on each of the different networks.” That’s a valid complaint, however, my blog entries only go to G+ and Twitter via different routes.

Aside: Wondering how to “shrink” your sharing so it fits on G+, Twitter character limits? Use

Given the challenge, I asked my PLN, especially Rusty Meyners whose tweets this past week during the TCEA2012 Conference appeared to originate in G+:

How does one post on g+ and have it crosspost on twitter?

Some of the responses included the following in chronological order (as opposed to reverse chronological order as they appear in Twitter):

rkiker@mguhlin @rmeyners I use SGPlus – free Chrome extenion to cross post from Google Plus to Twitter, Facebook. Works pretty good. 
mguhlin@rkiker @rmeyners thanks…but I am posting from my phone and want it to auto post from g+ to twtr 
@rkiker I will use sgplus tho from now on my chrome browser! Thx!
PeterVogel@mguhlin If you find a usable answer (cross-posting to G+/Twitter) let me know.
mrmosesdotorg@mguhlin @rmeyners You don’t. G+ is bad with the sharing. Please correct me if I’m wrong.
 FriedTechnology@mguhlin @rmeyners Publish Sync browser plugin will do it. I bet that’s what Rusty uses too.
rmeyners@mguhlin @rkiker I use a sub-feature of that cross-posts any Public G+ share over to Twitter, up to 15 min delay.
rmeyners@FriedTechnology @mguhlin Can’t use browser plugins from mobile. Manageflitter will & even better when it works.
rmeyners@mrmosesdotorg @mguhlin manageflitter checks G+ on 15 min cycle to repost. requires intermediate G+ RSS
rmeyners@mrmosesdotorg @mguhlin @FriedTechnology via +Kevin Johnson / @BigKage now does G+ RSS to 
mguhlin@petervogel @rmeyners “manageflitter checks G+ on 15 min cycle to repost. requires intermediate G+ RSS”
mrmosesdotorg@rmeyners @mguhlin @FriedTechnology @bigkage thank you for the point in the right direction. Still wish sharing out of G+ was more organic. 

A conversation on G+ (read it here) also included another suggestion from Kevin Johnson. I tried the solutions out, and this is what worked for me:

Post to G+ from Chrome Browser:
  1. SG Plus – Allows you to post to Twitter, Facebook and G+ simultaneously from Chrome browser.
  2. PublishSync – I reviewed this awhile back but have since uninstalled it…too “bulky” in the long run, too many features I didn’t use or need. It also allows one to post to multiple social networks simultaneously.

Share via Mobile to G+, then Twitter with One Step
Of course, my original query focused on cross-posting from G+ to Twitter. As Rusty Meyners pointed out, appears to work quite well, albeit every 30 minutes. You can pay for a 2 minute interval, which a school district or social media consultant may want to take advantage of, but…I don’t.

Kevin Johnson recommends
GooglePlusRSS Nodester

Kevin Johnson’s post to Twitter from G+ in 15 minutes solution was GooglePlusRSS Nodester, then feeding the resulting RSS feed created by Nodester to a tool like or Both of these services– and–will get the job done in about 15 minutes (that is, they’ll grab the RSS feed of PUBLIC G+ items and share it wherever you want it to go).

To review:

Step 1 – Create an RSS Feed for G+ Items
This essentially involves you copying-n-pasting your G+ user ID# and adding it to the end of the GooglePlusNodester URL. Below is mine as an example:

The numbers is red came from my G+ account page

Step 2 – Submit Your G+ RSS Feed to or
My preference for tools is, so here’s what it looks like:
Paste in the URL created by Nodester, selecting your choices.
Select the time interval (you can set it to a variety of times)
Step 3 – Post something to G+
Once this is all setup, all you will need to do is post something to G+ and then watch it go wherever you want it to, whether it’s Twitter, Facebook. Plurk is left out of the equation, since it’s not popularly supported by any of the services. 
My new process for content sharing:
1) Post to G+ from blog, Chrome browser, or mobile device
2) Item appears within 15 minutes on Twitter, Facebook
Special thanks to Rusty Meyners for the ongoing conversation about all this!

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