When I wrote about blogging on the iPad recently, someone tweeted back, “Yeah, but you’re using Google’s blogger.” It’s a true statement. Often, the desire to have something that just works without having to worry about figuring out how it works can grab you. If Blogger were still Hotel California in regards to content creation, I’d be worried…but, thankfully, it’s not.

Earlier this week, as I explored an iPad2 + Zagg keyboard, trying in a way to lower my expectations from what a $250 netbook running Linux can do, I found myself I shared about the curious case of the Gmail archive button in the Mail app. You can read about it here.
Thanks to this helpful comment, there are alternatives to what I did…however, I have to concur with the final remark:
Mr. RCollins has left a new comment on your post “Day 3 – #iPad Experiment – Gmail Setup“: 

Set up your account as GMail, then go into the mail settings for that account and turn off “Archive Messages” It will then show you the delete/trashcan option instead of Archive. This is a Google thing, they want you to archive everything instead of delete. When GMail was first released there wasn’t even a delete option. 🙂 

Personally, I set up my Google accounts as Exchange accounts. I get push email and the ability to sync my contacts, along with my calendars

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