Looking for an easy approach you can follow for putting videos/audio, etc. onto an iPad without messing with iTunes? The solution is SugarSync for iPad.

Some quick stats:
  • You start out with 5 gigs of free space on SugarSync
  • You get 500 megs free space for each referral.
  • You get 10 gigs of free space if a referral pays for a plan.

SugarSync features support for Android, Blackberry and iPhone/iPad/iTouch…and other mobile devices.
  1. Create your SugarSync account
  2. Install SugarSync for iPad on your iPad and enter your username/password to LOGIN.
  3. Upload videos to your SugarSync account in the iPad device area (note the “My iPad” area below…and apologies for the lightbulb reflection!).
  4. Go to your iPad SugarSync app and press SYNC TO IPAD.
  5. Wait for videos to be downloaded to your device.
  6. Watch the videos without an Internet connection.
Note that you don’t have to install SugarSync on your computer, just create a web account and install the app on your iPad. 

Here’s what it looks like on the Web:

For those that would like to read more about SugarSync, I wrote a series of blog posts about it some time ago:

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