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Having just begun my journey to get “healthier,” I found Doug Noon’s (Borderland) account of his preparing for a marathon, and his subsequent comparison to commercialization of curriculum powerful and moving. I started reading about his getting ready to run a marathon and finished with a different realization altogether.

Tests, in and of themselves, don’t call people to their best efforts. Real teaching has to begin with the intentions of the learner, not the teacher, and certainly not the administrator or the policy maker. The more I work in the shadow of the standards movement, the less I want to listen to anyone but the kids, themselves, for guidance about what they really need to learn. What good is an education if, in the bargain, we all lose sight of who and what we really are? (Source: Hitting the Wall, Doug Noon, Borderlands)

If we had a back to basics movement, would that include getting back to what kids think they need to learn?

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