Mandy Curtis, author of ATPE’s News‘ TechSupport column, recently sent me an article that he authored. The theme of the ATPE News in this issue is Reflections on the New Normal: Education in the Age of Budget Cuts.

You can read the rest of the article online at 

Below is one of the several quotes from me that Mandy was kind enough to share with the ATPE audience:

At a time when shrinking school budgets mean that schools will never achieve one-to-one [See Tech Term, below], the resourceful approach involves asking kids to bring their home devices into schools,” wrote ed tech blogger Miguel Guhlin in September. Guhlin is a director of instructional technology services for an urban Texas school district. “As a parent of two children who have their own inexpensive netbooks … I know that these devices grant them MORE access to technology than what they have at school.” (Read Guhlin’s full post on BYOD at

My thanks to Mandy, ATPE, and all the others who contributed by their actions in school districts to the content of the original blog entry!!

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