To be honest, I’m not sure if cancer-treating nanosystem is the same as nanobots, but hey, I’m glad someone knows what’s going on…like this seventeen year old, Angela Zhang!

Should we be preparing kids to be college ready or encouraging them to do things like this 17 year old young lady?

At the age of 17 I was paying attention in college, but still enjoying the student life as much as studying towards my career goals. What I wasn’t doing was working at the cutting edge of cancer treatment and developing a potential cure. 

Angela Zhang is, and she’s just been awarded the $100,000 Grand Prize in the Individual category of the Siemens Competition in Math, Science & Technology. Her project was entitled “Design of Image-guided, Photo-thermal Controlled Drug Releasing Multifunctional Nanosystem for the Treatment of Cancer Stem Cells.” 

Her creation is being heralded as a “Swiss army knife of cancer treatment.” Zhang managed to develop a nanoparticle that can be delivered to the site of a tumor through the drug salinomycin. (Source:

Although people are different, could we “reverse engineer” Zhang’s education and efforts and see what that involved?

Gotta love innovative spirit…this picture, having nothing to do with cancer treatment, may answer the question of what we’re to do with some environmental problems like water bottles. Thanks to Arvind for sharing:

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