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When a colleague’s Windows computer was infested with malware, one of the first questions she asked me was, “Do I need to buy a…what do you call it?”

“An external USB hard drive,” I clarified.
“Yes, one of those. Do I?”
Although the problem of saving the data has been solved, I’m still mulling over that question. The price of external USB hard drives is going to go up, isn’t it? Consider this piece of news:

The severe flooding in Thailand is causing a ripple effect in the electronics industry, as hard disk drive (HDD) manufacturers based there have been forced to close down. Thanks to HDD shortages, prices on hard drives are going up–and at least one PC manufacturer, Acer, is planning on raising laptop prices accordingly.
About 40 percent of the world’s hard disk drives are made in Thailand,according to Western Digital, who was forced to close all its factories in Thailand. (Read Source)

So, if you want to buy while the prices are low, what should you do? Check out the following (via TechBargains) but be aware that these are time-sensitive deals….
Note: I’ll be sharing these with my friend so she can get herself set up with one or more of these!

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