With 3 sources reporting a new Barnes and Noble Color Nook getting ready to launch November 7, 2011, schools are probably taking hard looks at the Kindle Fire and the Nook Color. Has your school implemented?

I’ve often wished to be a part of an implementation–I’m not sure if you count everyone in my family having a Nook (me) or Kindle4 (kids) or AluraTek (wife) an eReader implementation but it’s fun to pretend–like the one described below. The email appeared on an email listserv for campus technologists, and since the questions were so good, I thought I’d share them here (anonymized to protect the innocent).  Following the question is my imperfect response.

What would you have said in regards to one or more of the questions below?

We are in the process of implementing approximately 400+ Nook Color readers in the district.
If you have experience in this area, would you please share any tips, tricks, advice you have – in particularly on the following…
 1.      How the district setup the Nooks (Did they use credit cards for the campuses? Or use the Barnes and Noble service to oversee the accounts?)
2.      Recommended process for purchasing the books (How do teachers request books for purchase?)
If a form was used, what information was on the form?
If a form was used, what information was on the form?3.      Documentation process for knowing what books are on what Nook
4.      Any permission forms, etc. that were used
5.      Did district allow Nooks to go home? If so, what procedures were used and consequences for not returning the Nook
6.      Also – any links to any FREE books J


Great questions! Please find my resources on ePub (the ebook format for Nooks) online at: 

The link includes info on how to create ePub ebooks, as well as 12 sources of free ebooks.
In regards to your question, my district hasn’t deployed eReaders of any sort at this time. 

However, some general tips: 

1) Focus on WIFI version of Nook rather than 3G. That way you can load content via WIFI and not worry about inappropriate access via 3G.
2) Use Calibre to mass convert non-DRM content and create grade level folders of reading titles. When you get a grade level Nook, drag the appropriate folder onto the device in the MyDocuments folder.
3) You might put together procedures like those outlined here. This is done per every 6 Nooks because copies of a book can be shared among 6 Nooks:
4) Connect with Carolyn Foote, a librarian from Eanes ISD who shares her story with eReaders:

I know my response doesn’t cover all the questions originally asked. How would you fill in the gaps?

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