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Lisa Nielsen (The Innovative Educator) has a list of excellent suggestions for achieving BYOD on the Cheap in schools. One of the points she makes is intriguing:

When we shift our thinking from demanding the government provides one-size-fits-some solutions and move it to let’s empower families to take ownership of securing tools for their learning, change can happen.  

Here are my top 3 favorites from Lisa’s list:

  1. Community Tech Day – Invite the community to come to your school and donate technology for children in need.
  2. Business Refresh – Reach out to companies to see when they refresh equipment. Ask if they would consider giving old devices to students.
  3. Hold a fundraiser – There are fundraisers for all sorts of things.  Let kids work to raise funds for technology.  Be creative. Hold a race, a car wash, a tournament. 
How would you approach this problem in your socio-economically challenged area?

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