In skimming my RSS feed for Moodle resources, these jumped out at me (most are from the awesome work Joseph Thibault is doing at

  1. Online Courses Using Moodle (PDF) – a presentation on how to Moodle.
  2. A 10 minute video of Moodle on Mobile devices
  3. A Virtual Student for Your Moodle – Nicholas Walker, an ESL teacher at Montmorency College (Canada), has embeded into Moodle a Virtual Student. It is as part of a English Language Lab  activity that Nicholas and his colleague, Melvin Shantz, are currently testing.
  4. A Moodle course on how to push RSS information from your Moodle course (forum postings) to a Twitter account.
  5. Move2Moo is a new service which has partnered with Lambda Solutions to provide course content migration services to institutions and companies adopting/migrating to Moodle from another LMS.

and, a bonus via Julian “Moodleman” Ridden tweet that I found in my RSSOwl feed:

  • Great new block available for #moodle 2 allows for bulk delete, hide and move activities or resources –

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