Title: Building a Moodle Community, One Classroom at a Time

Guest: Josh Davis (Email:  joshosu@gmail.com; Skype fwsquatch)

Note: Apologies…some parts were cut out due to static emanating from an errant microphone. You’ll probably figure out where.


The Moodle Mayhem Group is a community of Moodle-using educators who have joined together to pool their creative innovations regarding the use of Moodle with K-12, as well as adult learners. The MoodleMayhem Podcast is co-hosted by Diana Benner (Email: diana.benner@gmail.com) and Miguel Guhlin (Email: mguhlin@gmail.com).

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About Josh Davis in His Words
Originally from Stroud, Oklahoma, I am a graduate of Oklahoma State University.  I spent the last 11 years teaching in and around Fort Worth, Texas.  I have been both a High School Math teacher and a Middle School Tech Apps teacher.  I also did some web development and tech consulting on the side.  During my time teaching computers for Eagle Mountain/Saginaw ISD, I discovered Moodle and became interested in finding ways to use it in my class.  Because EMSISD didn’t have a server yet, I ran a Moodle for my classroom on an old laptop that the Technology Department had lying around.  

I am passionate about open-source software and enjoy tinkering with Linux servers and desktops.  I also get a kick out of networking and my idea of a fun afternoon is flashing a new firmware to a router or setting up automated off-site backup for my wife’s laptop.  This is part of what drew me to Moodle.  I love that it’s open source.  I like how much it can do “out of the box” and I really like that it can be modified to do whatever you want.  

This summer I moved back to my hometown in Oklahoma and now teach High School Math.  I’m also a Technology Consultant  for our district.  It has been a real culture shock moving from a school district with more than 16,000 students to a place where there is only 2500 people in the whole town, but it’s great to be back.  Because I am now a full time Math teacher, time to work on our Moodle server is in short supply.  I’ve been using every trick in the book to streamline content creation for my classes.  My main focus this year is building a Moodle server and filling it with as many teachers and courses as I can.

Show Links
  1. You can find Josh’s resources online at http://moodle.stroud.k12.ok.us/
  2. Get a video tour from Josh – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SQRPDQxQTPM
  3. View images – http://letscrate.com/fwsquatch/moodle
  4. MoodleShare.org

Note: Apologies…some parts were cut out due to static emanating from an errant microphone. You’ll probably figure out where.

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