Although not much of a timeline afficionado, I do remember my first experience with a great timeline program–Tom Snyder’s Timeliner. Wow, after that experience, would anything ever measure up again?

Someone recently asked, Is there any free software to make your own timelines? In an effort to keep track of the responses, here’s the list:
  4. Here’s a short list from Squidoo (well-worth visiting this list!):
    Time Line Generator

    Create a horizontal or vertical timeline with this quick and easy to use timeline creator.

    Create a Timeline of a Person’s Life

    Create a timeline of someone’s life that you can customize by placing in important dates or events that happened in their life. Timeline displays custom dates you entered along with dates of important worldwide events that happened during the person’s lifetime.

    Timeline Generator for

    Timeline generator that uses hCalendar or vCalandar to create the timeline. If you don’t know what hCalendar or vCalendar is, I suggest trying a different timeline generator.

    Create an Interactive Timeline

    Create an interactive timeline with audio and visual effects. Great for instructors.

You can also find web sites with pre-made timelines….

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