“Practice,” my dad would say to me with a smile, “makes perfect! Practice, Practice, Practice!” He was referring to a lot of things, but usually, the conversation came up when it was time to work through math. With a mother who was a math teacher, who would work math problems for fun, you’d think math would come easy. Unfortunately, I’ve never enjoyed math the way she did…I imagine now, it’s like one of my children not enjoying writing and reading for fun (thank goodness, I’m blessed).
When I was growing up, it seemed like the math textbook never had enough problems to work through. And, math continues to be my least favorite subject (ok, I would be happy to write 10 pages than work one math problem).

Earlier this week, my son started working on math at school, working on equations, and my old approaches to doing math arose again. I could feel my affective filter coming up as I stared at the incomprehensible math problems on his paper.You can imagine the conversation:
“Dad, I’m not doing that great in math.”
“I’m failed my test on equations.”
About an hour later….
“I’m emailing your teacher for more work you can do. Where’s your homework?”
“She didn’t assign me any homework.”
“What!? No homework?” I had a brief, guilty thought of the Truth About Homework but pushed it aside in a fit of barely controlled anger (Note to self: extra hour on the treadmill and more weights to alleviate need for blood pressure medication).
Well, the end result is, I started looking for more problems my son could work through. Here are some web sites I stumbled upon…what would you suggest?
  1. Math.com Worksheet Generator
  2. HS Unlimited Worksheet Generator
  3. Free Math Help – Worksheet Generator
  4. Printable Worksheets (PDF)
  5. Percentage Worksheet Generator

And, for those of you gasping in shock at the liberal use of the word “worksheets” in this blog entry, here’s some goodness for you:

Image Reference

Practice Makes Perfect. Source: https://mguhlin.files.wordpress.com/2011/09/practice-makes-perfect.jpg

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