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I’m starting a new school year and I have lots of goals. One of those goals is to be a better reader. I will do that by reading more. Another one of my goals is to be a better writer. I will do that by writing neater, by practicing more and by coming up with ideas quicker by doing more interesting and exciting things. My third goal is to have better self control. I will do that by controlling my actions, listening better, and not going near people I know Ill get in trouble with.  I have many goals this year I am going to try to achieve every single one of them.

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What great goals–reading and writing! More than anything else, achieve those goals and you will always have a job, no matter what kind of work you decide to do. As a 4th grader, I was a terrible writer; I can tell you are a better writer than I was. I actually didn’t get into writing until I started writing book reports as movie reviews.

When 12 years old, I remember sitting in a darkened living room–you know, the one with the couches only visitors to your house get to sit on–watching Bob Polunsky, movie critic, and then, closing my eyes, and assuming his voice as I wrote my book report.

Eventually, that movie critic’s voice disappeared, whether absorbed like a sugar lump in a cup of hot coffee or discarded like training wheels, I don’t really know. What I do know is that when I started writing about what I was teaching and learning in my East Texas third grade bilingual classroom, and getting published, I remembered the writing I did for school.

Since you’re starting earlier than I, I’m excited about what you will be doing at twelve years of age, then much older. The one thing I remember is that writing has always been my way of understanding the world, what I read, what I experience.

Wishing you well on your goals,
Miguel Guhlin
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