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Ever ask these 3 questions about staff training focused on maximizing their productivity?
  1. Need low-cost, web-based, accessible MS Office product tutorials at a discount price?  
  2. Want to see those self-paced tutorials in a Moodle environment that can be deployed as your learners need? 
  3. And, deploy a professional learning solution that you don’t have to implement by yourself?  
You’ll want to keep reading this blog entry.

Call PC PAL at 800-310-9089, mention you found out about it at Around the, and you’ll get a discount on total cost of services!
As I shared in this blog post (full disclosure), one of the products I’ve had experience working with is PC PAL Solutions‘ suite of CD-based tutorials for MS Office products. They have recently just announced that they have developed tutorials that are SCORM modules and Moodle accessible!

PC Pal tutorials offer you the flexibility of learning at your own pace, in your home, office or classroom, without spending the high costs associated with other forms of training. The Discover Microsoft Office 2010 training suite consists of 17 self-paced tutorials filled with hours of engaging instruction in an immersive learning environment. Each interactive tutorial is approximately 3 hours long and is usually divided into 3 lessons….because the tutorials are fully interactive, users will be asked to perform actions throughout each lesson. 

The benefit of SCORM modules is that they can be placed on web sites for viewing, embedded in a wide variety of course management systems (e.g. Moodle). For example, one scenario is making these rich media tutorials available to parents and community members who perceive a need to hone their work with MS Office.
Here is a quick overview of each section available:
  1. Microsoft Outlook consists of three self-paced lessons that help you discover how to manage email, connect with people, and access vital information.
  2. Microsoft Excel 2010 consists of 5 self-paced tutorials that help you quickly achieve proficiency on Excel 2010, as you learn how to efficiently model & analyze data.
  3. Microsoft Powerpoint 2010 consists of 3 self-paced tutorials that teach you how to use Powerpoint 2010 to bring energy and visual impact to presentation, captivate audiences with transitions and animations.
  4. Microsoft Access 2010 suite consists of 3 self-paced tutorials that teach you how to quickly build databases and create more impactful forms and reports.
  5. Microsoft Word 2010 training suite consists of 5 self-paced tutorials that will teach you how to use Word 2010 to create visually compelling documents as you gain “hands-on” experience in a simulated environment.

Call PC PAL at 800-310-9089, mention you found out about it at Around the, and you’ll get a discount on total cost of services!

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