If you have to deal with the DVDs of your daughter or son’s choir recital–you get the idea–you realize that you’re going to want to rip those and keep the digital copy somewhere. But how?

MakeUseOf.com has a very nice list of video/audio conversion tools worth checking out. Some of my favorites include the following:
  1. Video/Audio Conversion: 
    1. WinFF – On Peppermint Two, or any Ubuntu linux distro, this is just a great video/audio converter. 
  2. DVD Ripping: Handbrake – Great for ripping (or digitizing) a DVD you may have. I also like dvd::rip. You can download the “*86” version (DEB file) of Handbrake here; I hope the link will save you some hunting.
  3. Make DVDs: Looking for a tool that will let you make DVDs from digital videos on your computer (e.g. make DVDs out of your FLIP video camera)? DeVeDe will get the job done. (Get the DEB file).

BTW, you can read a longer post I wrote on DeVeDe here.

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