In a hilarious blog entry, Doug “Blue Skunk” Johnson writes:

It’s tough dropping old presentations from my oeeuvre. They are like old shoes – comfortable, familiar, reliable, and still of value since I update each talk every time I give it. But I euthanized a few this weekend*.

What I would like to know having ruthlessly obliterated my “keynotes” folder is, how do you grow calves into cash cows?

The thought comes to mind as I begin asking myself, What do I want to facilitate a keynote about a year from now?
The answer to the question may come a bit easier than I imagined. In my Dale Carnegie training, oh so long ago when I was a 17 year old, one of the questions that would come up when planning a talk was, What have you earned the right to speak about?
Dale Carnegie writes in his book, The Quick and Easy to Effective Speaking, the following:

Speak about something you have earned the right to talk about through experience or story.

For me, that translates into yet another question: Am I planning the right experiences for myself so that I will have earned the right to speak about it?

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