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Problem – I have about 10 courses to backup from a Moodle 2.0 server. The settings for each course are hidden, so I have to modify that to visible, then download the course. How can I skip that altogether? How can I get the downloads going quickly?

Solution – This is one possible solution to backing up courses quickly, rather than navigating through all the menus.
Go through all your courses and write down their ID #. This number appears when you point to the course in the listing of courses. Then, paste in the URL below–modifying the ID# to reflect those of the courses you want to backup–into a new browser tab so you can have multiple backup processes started at the same time. 
where ## is your course ID# that you want to backup.
Simply cycle through the browser tabs to keep the process going and you’ll soon be able to download everything without having to go into each course to accomplish the download.
Of course, I’m sure this isn’t the only or best solution. I know that I’d be tempted to just do a SQL dump of the entire site, backup the MoodleData folder and the Moodle folder with the PHP files, but sometimes, that option just isn’t available.
Does anyone know of a better way to backup lots of courses from a Moodle 2 instance?

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