One of my constant gripes (aren’t I allowed to gripe?) involves the variety of social media tools and trying to share ideas and information on them all. While some purists believe that your presence on each separate social media/networking tool should have a distinct appearance, I’m all in for uniformity, especially since social media integration can be a real time-saver.

Why hop around to different networks to post something when you can do it once? Publish Sync, a new Google Chrome browser add-on, makes it possible. It’s pretty incredible!
As new social media tools pop into existence (most recently, Google+), I like to imagine them allowing me to share content further “upriver” from where the people are. Yes, one could compare this to peeing upriver from pack of pup-tents those Cub Scouts setup downriver, but let’s not go there.

Finding the right social media tool involves answering at least two possible questions:
  1. How you are going to read all the content generated on social networks, and,
  2. How are you going to share fresh content on all the networks.


As to reading all the content that’s printed, that’s tough. A lot of social media conversations are like dipping your finger in a stream of consciousness. You’re wet as long as your finger is in the stream, but quickly dry off if you don’t decide to bring your own container, like a blog or social bookmarking (e.g. Diigo, Evernote) tool. 
Over time, I’ve shed my desire to try to bookmark the world as it flies by. But one of the tools I do take advantage of is RSS. I feed RSS for my Twitter stream into my GoogleReader account and that accounts for quite a bit of content. I also search on hashtags and that gives me more content than I could reasonably digest in the short time I have each day to puzzle through thousands of entries. Still, for me, it’s a process of identifying patterns in the information, not unlike the work of an ethnographer going through qualitative data.
You can use tools like and/or’s Twitter search to get RSS feeds for your content. You can use tools like (or, if for Google+ user’s specific profile, AppSpot) to get RSS feeds but it’s far from a perfect solution.
Since RSS doesn’t really work all that well–except for twitter–you’re stuck using tools like to access Twitter and Facebook content in one place (forget about Plurk!).
Another neat thing if you read a lot of content in Google Reader and want to share it is this Chrome Extension, RSS Share for Google Plus.
When you click on SHARE ON GOOGLE+, it will enable you to share what you’re looking at to G+. Unfortunately, it doesn’t work in sync with PublishSync, mentioned below. Sigh.

And, what about following Google+ Circles? You know, I have 1700 educators that I’ve “circled” in Google+…how do I subscribe to the RSS feed for a Google+ Circle I’ve created? Hmm….

Although I’ve seen and tried lots of different tools, I’m enamored of two most recently:
PublishSync is a Chrome Extension that does a great job making it easy for you to publish to Twitter, Facebook, Plurk and other social media/networking tools. It is so easy to use, you’ll wonder why you didn’t spend all your time in Twitter. It looks like this:
It adds these extra options (shown above) that are pretty nifty. Explore the solution a bit more:
Another neat feature of PublishSync is that it not only works on Google+ but also on Facebook, as shown below:

AND, Twitter web:

All of which makes it an awesome tool for social media integration allowing you to post content from whatever web interface you use–Facebook, Twitter, or Google+. Pretty amazing!!

Well, it was fun exploring different options! Is this too much work? Yes, probably but tools like, PublishSync make social media integration easier for end-users…whether you think it should be or not!

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