Here’s a draft of a social media permission form…what do you think? Too much? Too little?

Update: Spanish version for MOST of the text added. Still need to translate part of it.

Note: Get your own copy and modify it here: GoogleDoc (editable) | HTML versions

Parent Permission Form
Electronic Media and Web Sharing

Date: ____________________________________

Teacher/Classroom ____________________________________

As part of your child’s educational experience in DISTRICTNAME, your child will have the opportunity to interact with others, publish and share his/her work on the Internet. These interactions offer your child a unique learning opportunity and have the following benefits:
              a. Makes class work engaging and exciting.
              b. Allows them to receive feedback from other students and teachers outside of their class.
              c. Enables students to practice and refine their communication skills using electronic media (a.k.a. social media/networking) tools like wikis, blogs and social networking tools.

In the course of these online interactions, the following student-created materials may be shared:
              a. writing
              b. hand-drawn or computer-generated artwork
              c. voice recordings and/or video
              d. photos

Your child’s privacy will be protected:

·       No individual photos/video of your child will be published without your consent.
·       No personal information about the student, such as home address or telephone number will be published.
·       In some cases, only the student’s first name will be used, with your permission.
·       A copy of all student work that is published to the internet will be printed and sent home for parents to see.

To publish individual student writing, photos, voice and artwork, I need to have parent or legal guardian permission.  Please complete the section below and return by:______________________.

Please return page 2 of this permission form, keeping page 1 for your records.

Thank you!

Below is a list of web sites the classroom will be going to in the course of school work:




Name of Child: ____________________________________              

I understand that my child’s writing, artwork, and/or class photo will be considered for publication on the Internet.  I grant the following permissions (indicate your choice with a checkmark):

Yes No Please check Yes or No below. 
You have my permission to publish:
My Child’s writing.
My Child’s original artwork.
My child in a group photo or
My child in an individual photo
or video.
My Child’s FIRST name  
My Child may interact on electronic media/social media/networking tools within the scope of completing classwork, homework, and other school-related projects.

Print Parent Name:     _____________________________________

Parent Signature: _________________________________                     Date ______________________

I, ________________________________ (student), also give my permission for such publishing.

Student Signature  _________________________________ Date __________

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