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Someone recently sent me this question:

Good morningHow do you copy a course to another course in Moodle?One professor is creating the course but is taught by two profs. 
Or how do you easily copy one section of one course into another course?I am copying and pasting as of now.Thanks for help

My response, albeit short due to time constraints, included the following:

There are 3 possibilities:
1) Import – You are able to import parts of courses from others using the IMPORT link under the Course Admin options.
2) Sharing Cart – Install a Moodle module called “Sharing Cart” that will allow you to add anything–including quizzes with questions intact, making this a better option than Import–to a “cart” that you can access from any course in the Moodle instance. This option (IMHO) is the best.
3) Backup and Restore Course – You can make a complete copy of a course by backing up the course, then restoring it with a different short name. This is when you want an exact copy of the course that you can start over with.

What would you have said?

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