Question posted to a Texas list:

Like most districts, we’re looking seriously at outsourcing email to either Google or Microsoft.  One point that I am stuck on is how to archive email with either of these solutions without breaking the bank.  I would appreciate any suggestions from those of you who have already made this move.  The pricing I’ve received from both Google and Microsoft to utilize their advertised solutions is out of the balpark compared to what we pay now.

Our current email archiving solution utilizes Lightspeed, and our policy calls for 7 years of archive (and likely won’t change unless the lawyers back the change, or the money runs completely out.)  Thanks for any suggestions.

Thanks to Jeremy Fluhmann for sharing the following in response to that query above:

Enkive –  They are an open source e-mail archiving and ediscovery solution.  They state that they can work with Google Apps and encourage anyone interested to engage with their professional services to make it happen.  I think I read where it involves using a “gateway”, which basically has the mail flow through it and Enkive ties in with the gateway to capture the e-mail messages (both incoming and outgoing).

What are you using?

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