Colleague Chris Sherman (El Paso, Tx) wrote the following:

“In my Moodle site, I have three separate groupings set up for my regular class, pre-ap class, and my AP class. When I create resources and assignments, it gives me the option to make the resource only available to one of the groupings but is it possible to make it available to only two of the groupings? Or do I have to create the same resource twice, once for each grouping? Thanks.”

Here are some of the resulting responses:

Miguel Guhlin Create a new group, add the two groups desired, then share resources with that new one.
Mary Fuller Can you not do a grouping of the groups? There is a button for this in the groups section.
Fiona MacAlister If you’re using Moodle 1.9 (can’t speak for 2.1) you will need to enable ‘groupings’ in the Experimental section of the Admin menu if you haven’t already done so.

How would you have solved that one?

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