Ah, sad news…too bad no one saw my session on Optimizing eLearning Opportunities as good enough to make the cut for the TCEA Conference.


Dear Miguel Guhlin,
Thank you for submitting a proposal to present at the TCEA 2012 Convention and Exposition. This e-mail is to inform you that at this time, your presentation for“Optimizing eLearning Opportunities” has not been selected for the 2012 program.

We will keep your proposal active and will contact you if an opening occurs. Correspondence is being sent to the primary presenter only. If you have co-presenters, please pass along all the necessary information to them.

Each proposal went through a comprehensive review and evaluation process. The committee looks at a variety of factors when selecting proposals, including how many sessions may have been submitted for one strand, whether the session might be considered “popular,” who is conducting the sessions, past evaluations, and so much more. We are also limited by space due to the number of rooms available at the convention center. It is a difficult and timely task, and every year, we must unfortunately decline many entries.

We appreciate your time invested in submitting a proposal and hope that you will join us at the conference. Thank you again for considering our conference and we look forward to seeing you at the TCEA 2012 Convention and Exposition.

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