Adapted from×300.jpg has put out a list of their top 100 Android apps. This list, of course, made me revisit my list of Android apps, and wish I had time to revise my post about Education Apps for Android.

The list, though, has a few “yuck” apps that I’m not sure I would have included. Rather than make a list of the bad apps, I’ll just stick with my favorites off their list and add a few of my own…far short of the 100 they included!

  1. Audio
    1. tinyPlayer – Forget those fancy players…use TinyPlayer.
    2. TuneIn Radio – Like to listen to the radio from anywhere? Use TuneIn Radio to get the job done.
  2. Automation and Widgets:
    1. APN on/off Widget – Turn off your 3G with this widget. 
    2. Apps Uninstall – Uninstall apps…you’ll need this if you decide to try out all the apps recommends!
    3. Battery Widget – Track battery usage.
    4. Sanity – Automate your apps with Sanity.
    5. TasKiller – Kill running apps that cause you problems to free up memory.
  3. Communication, Navigation and Social Media
    1. AnyPost – Post to using this app. If you don’t use, then don’t bother.
    2. Call Blocker – Block those phone calls you don’t want to get!
    3. Google Maps Navigator – If you get lost frequently, hate paying for GPS Telenav (comes standard on my phone), then Navigator is the way to go. This is just an awesome app with turn by turn instructions, audio narration, etc. I used it on a recent trip and Google Navigator is plumb awesome! (as opposed to just awesome).
    4. Social Media/Networking Tools
      1. Google + – Absolutely the best app I’ve seen for interfacing with G+.
      2. Facebook
      3. Tweetcaster (this one wasn’t even mentioned though it’s WAY better than Twydroyd (which I own) and Seesmic (which crashes or freezes with large volume of content)
    5. Texting Apps
      1. Handcent – This is just a great txting app and I have no idea why it didn’t even make the list!
      2. ChompSMS – a suitable alternative to Handcent but lacks the features that make Handcent great. (I donated to ChompSMS, though, since it’s nice to have an alternative to your favorite app)
    6. VOIP and Chat
      1. Fring
      2. Google Voice Callback – If you have a Google Voice account, this will help you make long-distance calls for free through GVoice. Must have!
  4. Health and Fitness
    1. – Web site and app are just awesome! I highly recommend it for anyone minding their weight.
  5. Productivity
    1. APG – Wanting to do public key encryption on your mobile device? APG is the app for you. I haven’t used it as much as I thought, but you never know.
    2. Barcode Scanner – My favorite barcode scanner for Android…simple and does the job.
    3. CatchNotes – Take notes with this app, sync them or share them. Replaces AK Notepad which tends to crash on my version of Android OS.
    4. FlashLight – A simple flashlight app. Nothing flashing, neon, etc. Just works.
    5. KeePassDroid – Keep your usernames/passwords secure and en
    6. Movies – Find out what movies are playing in a theatre near you.
    7. OI File Manager – Helps you delete, copy-n-paste files/folders from one place to another on your SD card, etc. Handy to have!
    8. OpenOffice Document Reader – If you work with OpenOffice/LibreOffice documents, then this is a must-have.
    9. Opera Mini (better Internet browser than Dolphin or the built-in one)
    10. ShareMyApps – Get a quick list of all the apps on your Android phone sent to you via email. A life-saver if you have to reinstall or share what apps you’re using.
    11. SwiFTP – A nice FTP client. You could dump OI File Manager and SwiFTP and get ES File Explorer since it can do it all, but I like to keep tools simple and straightforward. But that is one possibility!
    12. Tone Picker – Helps you assign the audio effects/music you want to all parts of your Android operation. Works great!
    13. TouchDown – You only need this one if you have to access an Exchange 2007 or 2010 server for email, calendar, etc. W
  6. Reading
    1. Cool Reader – My absolute favorite eReader on Android. Alternatives include Aldiko and Laputa.
    2. Wapedia – Wikipedia access point. Very handy in helping you win arguments with family when on the go!
    3. TED Air – Listen to podcasts (not sure why has it in this category!)
Let’s see…30+ Android Apps. 

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