I love how this opinion, especially the title, was written!! Kudos to Gary Brown.

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LMS, Tear Down This Wall! — Campus Technology

    • LMS, Tear Down This Wall! For the LMS to remain relevant in higher education, it must move beyond the classroom and integrate seamlessly with the learning opportunities presented by the web. By Gary Brown06/29/11
      • The LMS will change the nature of instruction and assessment in the same way a granite wall changes the flow of a river. Over the last 25 years or so, we have watched as the wall dammed the flow of learning and contained it.
        • As pointed out in Glenda Morgan’s watershed study, “Faculty Use of Course Management Systems,
          • the primary benefits of the LMS were in the area of classroom management.
            • The LMS brought the convenience of online grade books, resource distribution, and a drop box for student submissions–the utilities of academic hygiene.
              • Instead of the LMS, they used wikis, blogs, and emerging Web 2.0 resources.
                • The future of the LMS can be summarized in four points.
                  • relevance to the kinds of initiative-based and authentic learning that it will be used to support.
                    • seamlessly integrated into the World Wide Web
                      • learning is fundamentally and irrepressibly social in nature
                        • Educators must evolve
                          • agents responsible for educational strategy, activity, and assessment design.
                            • mediators for learners
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