To be honest, I had no idea that 5 Conversations I don’t want to have anymore would inspire such interest. I’ve been tracking visitors from all walks of life, educators from other countries than the United States, and I’m grateful for the feedback.

Even more exciting is that 5 Conversations has inspired another blog post (it’s all about conversations, right?) by Lib-Girl. Check out the first paragraph and then read the rest on her blog:

The other day I ran across this post about educational conversations that have run their course. That is to say, ed-chat (not to be confused with #edchat) topics of discussion that have been discussed to death. We’ve all heard of educational “sacred cows,” well… these are their “dead horse” companions. Naturally, this got me thinking about a similar list of library related conversations that I am tired of having. 

What 5 Conversations do you want to stop having?

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