Thanks to Sylvia Martinez and her husband, Dr. Gary Stager, for sharing these again:

My Notes:

8 Big Ideas of the Constructionist Learning Lab « Generation YES Blog

    • 8 Big Ideas of the Constructionist Learning Lab
      • Gary shares, “Shortly after the start of  the three-year project, Papert outlined the Eight Big Ideas Behind the Constructionist Learning Laboratory (PDF).
        • Eight Big Ideas Behind the Constructionist Learning Lab By Dr. Seymour Papert
          •  learning by doing.
            • We learn best of all when we use what we learn to make something we really want.
              • technology as building material. If you can use technology to make things you can make a lot more interesting things.
                • We learn best and we work best if we enjoy what we are doing.
                  • The best fun is hard fun.
                    •  learning to learn.
                      • Nobody can teach you everything you need to know. You have to take charge of your own learning.
                        • taking time
                          • To do anything important you have to learn to manage time for yourself.
                            • you can’t get it right without getting it wrong. Nothing important works the first time. The only way to get it right is to look carefully at what happened when it went wrong. To succeed you need the freedom to goof on the way.
                              • do unto ourselves what we do unto our students
                                • Every difficulty we run into is an opportunity to learn. The best lesson we can give our students is to let them see us struggle to learn.
                                  • the most important purpose is using them NOW to learn about everything else.

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