Earlier this week, two colleagues from Northside ISD in San Antonio, Texas wrote to share the news that Evelyn Thompson had passed on. As a fellow believer, while sadness is a part of the death of a highly esteemed colleague, I’m thrilled that someone as spiritual as Evelyn has “gone home.” What a joy it must be to find herself in the presence of He whom she worshipped. In fact, REJOICE is the right word to describe Evelyn’s homecoming. Yet, for a moment, I have to step back and remember Evelyn as I knew her, a strong, yet kind person never short on wisdom to share.

For those of us who served with Evelyn Thompson, losing access to such a special, wonderfully articulate individual as her is a profound loss. When I worked in Northside ISD as the Pathways to Advance Virtual Education (PAVE) Staff Development Coordinator, it was always a unique opportunity to partake of Evelyn’s wisdom, wisdom that rings true today over 10 years later. Her absence makes me treasure those moments all the more.
As a professional, Evelyn’s courtesy, her professionalism served as a model for how people should act. Never in my presence did I hear Evelyn speak poorly of anyone, but instead, she found a way to help those in the room see the rationale that others might follow, find a way for all to express their perspective.

One of the most memorable moments with Evelyn came when she explained her desire to facilitate an online graduate class. “Miguel,” she said with a smile, “you’ll understand some day. For me, teaching these classes helps keep me grounded.” At the time, I didn’t understand exactly. I was facilitating workshops left and right, and while I understood the idea of a workshop keeping one grounded, Evelyn hinted at something more in that curious smile she had. I will always remember her smile and her manner.

Now, over 10 years later at 42 years of age, I truly understand what she meant. It is my fervent hope that Evelyn’s faith, kept so ardently over the years and evidenced by her demeanor and the spiritual music she played and her active church service, hint at something more for all believers.

A funeral service will be held at 11:00 AM on Tuesday, June 14, at Macedonia Baptist Church. The address is 963 SW 40th Street, San Antonio, Texas 78237.

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