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Someone asked the following question today:

My district is planning a Tech Day. I would like for everyone to sign up online. Not sure where to start–what program to use, etc. There will be limited seats in all sessions and it will be a first come first serve basis….hopefully free and easy to use. Any guidance will be appreciated and thanks in advance.

Several possible approaches were shared by folks responding and I just had to note them here. One approach involves Moodle’s Choice Activity, while the other uses GoogleDocs Forms. I have also included other responses from Google-Certified Teachers (GCT) list.

Donna Owen on the email list suggested the following approach:

You could create a choice activity and set it up with the session choices and then set the limit to the number of available seats. It would be first come first server basis. You would just need to create one choice activity. End result would look something like this [image below] depending on your settings when you set up the choice activity.

Another approach using suggested by Ken Task goes as follows:

There is a Face-2-Face module/add-on for Moodle (<=1.9.x) that can do.

Have to give it a try!

This suggestion came from a TEC-SIG Email list member (anonymized per list rules):

We used this for our voluntary after-school Professional Development Registration.  Worked great we had 180 separate registrations.

We set email address as the only required question.  Set up each workshop as a separate question.  Gave a brief description and had the participants type their name (lastname, fristname) in the text box for the sessions they wanted to attend (there were over 20 to choose from).

It put all the info into a spreadsheet that was shared with all those involved in planning the PD.  Again, worked great and we followed up with a confirmation email. 

Another approach using GoogleDocs spreadsheet comes to us from Scott Floyd. He writes:

I’ve used Google Spreadsheets for this. I put each session in a column and numbered how many seats were in it. The teachers got into the Doc and added their names. if they wanted to be on a waiting list for a session, they added at the bottom of the list. Since it does revision history, nobody deleted anyone else to get their own name on it. 

Ian Addison suggested the following: “For teachmeet at bett in January of used eventbrite, that’s free. Also let’s attendees print tickets.” You can find it online at

You can even customize the URL (web address):

Vinnie Vrotney suggested He points out, “Are you registering a large amount of people? might be an alternative — has email verification and other helpful features: We use it for the NICE mini-conference.”

How would you have solved the problem, whether using Moodle or Google or something else?

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