Some time ago, I shared how excited I was that my wife and I have the opportunity to participate in obtaining free CLEAR wireless access. Clear is wonderful and has transformed our access at home and for work. NOte that there are other places like Fort Worth, Tx, Oregon, Missouri, Florida, and others! For those whiners who complained they missed previous offers, don’t miss this one! It will transform your online experience!

The Offer – A FREE 4G single user USB device or multi-user spot (TBD depending upon intended usage) plus FREE Internet access for the duration of the Pilot Program, currently running through June 30, 2012. The Requirements – (1) Be within the Source for Learning’s (SFL’s) license area in the cities listed below; (2) Have access to Clear 4G coverage; and (3) Be an educator and use the 4G device a minimum of 20 hours per week for educational purposes (can include lesson planning, research, downloading, in the classroom, administrative tasks, professional development, etc.) Cities Currently Accepting Participants for this Free 4G Wireless Access Pilot Program Include: Anderson/Muncie, IN; Bloomington/Columbus, IN; Champaign, IL; Fort Worth, TX; Indianapolis, IN; Kansas City, KS/MO; Milwaukee, WI; New Orleans, LA; Pittsburgh, PA; Portland, OR; Saginaw/Flint, MI; San Antonio, TX: St. Louis, MO; Tampa , and Washington, DC. Attachments – (1) FAQ document about SFL and this Pilot Program. (2) Check List to see if you qualify. Participation in this 4G Wireless Access Pilot Program is being conducted on a first come, first serve basis.  Sign Up Today! Interested?  Want to see if you are in a Clear 4G coverage area?  Using the attached Check List –1)    Log onto and “input” both your home and school addresses to confirm that you can receive 4G coverage from both locations (dark green)2)    Log onto our site – Link – – also on Check List; complete the information including addresses of both your school and home You will be sent an application – Review, sign, and return it at your earliest convenience. The device will be shipped out to you upon receipt of your completed application. Questions?  Contact Bridget R. Anderson, Director of Educational Broadband Services at the Source for Learning directly [; Tel: 703-860-9200; x315].  In addition, SFL’s Educational Services Coordinator, Margaret Hyer [; Tel: 703-860-9200] is also available.  ______________________Bridget R. AndersonDirector, EBS InitiativesSource for Learning, Inc.Office: 703-860-9200; x315Cell: 703-447-6783 

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