Yesterday was my first full day of working on the Google CR-48, which I’ve dubbed “Black Beauty.” It’s kinda silly to name a small notebook anything, but that was my first impression and it continues today. Probably the velvety feel of the machine is what’s wreaking havoc on my sensibilities. (rolling eyes)

On a more serious note, I had to overcome a few criticisms–check this list of issues Google is working on, since it might help alleviate frustration to know you’re not alone–as I worked on the machine:
  1. It lacks a desktop or a place to save files. This is a real bummer. I installed Dropbox hoping that I’d be able to save directly to my cloud storage, but no such luck.
  2. I plugged in a free flash drive from the Texas Library Association Conference (part of my speaker’s prize) hoping I could access the contents or save stuff but I don’t have a clue how to do that. Simply, how does one go from a cloud storage like GoogleDocs to a flash drive? For example, I downloaded a preso from GoogleDocs and wanted to save it on the flash drive to share with non-internet connected computer…nope, can’t do that as far as I could see.
  3. WebApps are fun to explore. I had  a lot of fun installing the Aviary Image tools in the hopes of doing a screen capture but didn’t have much luck.
  4. I want to use some sort of File Commander (e.g. GnomeCommander) but nope.
That aside, this machine is simply a joy to use when checking Gmail, typing on GoogleDocs, and more. Someone asked in the comments earlier, What can you create with it? It’s a question worth reflecting on. 
I’m sure I will have ample time to answer that question. For my fellow Google CR-48 pilot participants, how would you go about answering the question?
Oh…I changed the theme.

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