As much as I like my Google storage space (80gigs), my SugarSync (20 gigs free), Dropbox (4 gigs free), I have to admit that cloud storage is a bit scattered. I’m obviously overpaying Google ($20 a year for 80+ gigs) since I only use about 10 gigs. But if I were able to interact with Google the way I do with Dropbox, I’d easily use it a LOT more. Darn, I sure wish Google storage was a bit more like Dropbox or SugarSync…hmm.

Enter Amazon Cloud Drive. Some of the benefits jumping out at me?
  1. 5 gigs free to start with. That’s my entire music collection (well, I don’t listen to all that much)…or about 1200 songs
  2. 20 gig bump when you buy an album of music from Amazon (gee, how much is that?)
  3. Songs purchased from Amazon don’t count against your storage on Amazon. 
  4. Amazon Cloud Player which is like iTunes in the cloud…wow! I didn’t like iTunes because 1) It’s proprietary; 2) It’s computer-based…I float among different operating systems and computers in my work by necessity. Sitting on one machine would be crazy. Cloud storage works and I don’t have to carry portable hard drives around (although they are great).
  5. If I want to listen to music, I can catch it anywhere via the Amazon Cloud Player.
  6. The music has to be DRM free. That means I can upload all my DRM free music!
  7. I can listen to music in the cloud via my Android phone. Neat!
  8. I can upload music (MP3/AAC formats only) from my computer. Too bad…all my songs are in OGG format.
  9. You can buy more gigabytes at a $1 per year. Hmm…let me think about that.
  10. Doesn’t work on IOS, but to be honest, I’m Android.
Some of the drawbacks?

  • Lacks an easy interface to use to do mass uploads of documents, etc. I really miss Dropbox’s simplicity, or even SugarSync’s Magic Briefcase. Too bad there isn’t a desktop app (Amazon, don’t forget GNU/Linux when you’re designing it, ok?)
  • A 2gig file limit per file? C’mon, give me a break. You’re running this on GNU/Linux servers I bet, so why can’t the individual file size be bigger?
  • How easy it is for me to move files accidentally uploaded from one folder to another? Say, I accidentally upload 100 documents to my Video folder.
  • Is it really going to take 8 hours to upload these files? What happens if I want to go to sleep (or the computer does)? Will I have to restart in the middle? how will I know where the middle is?

Answer to that last question: Not 8 hours. My browser–Chromium on Peppermint ICE–just quit with 7 hours remaining to the upload. Oh well.

Here’s part of the letter from Amazon when you visit their site today….

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