Note: Be sure to take advantage of the offer below making Kaplan’s SAT/ACT prep available at a fraction of the total cost.

A few months ago, I shared that Kaplan had asked me to review their Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT) online preparation course. I wasn’t that enthused about reviewing test prep, until my brain woke up and made a connection–my daughter, Aida, was going to be taking the SAT in Spring, 2011. My perspective changed…wouldn’t your’s as a parent?

So, after checking with my daughter, I let Kaplan know, “Sure, let’s try it out.” And, that led to the following series shared at the end of this blog entry. My only regret? I wish I’d know about their PSAT Prep; most of you probably know that PSAT scores are used for National Merit Scholar consideration. One of my favorite stories is how, after one student scored very well on PSAT, they started receiving invitations to accept “full ride scholarships” from big universities. Looking for a full-ride is exactly what we’re doing in Aida’s college search.

That said, the following announcement from Kaplan regarding low-cost Test Prep is a boon to many students who will be pursuing higher scores on SAT and ACT assessments:

In support of the Texas Education Agency’s continuing to make the SAT and ACT free this spring for all public high school juniors, Kaplan Test Prep, for the second straight year, will provide SAT or ACT prep to every Texas high school junior registered for the May or June 2011 exams for a nominal fee of $45 – just enough to cover instruction and materials costs and only nine percent of the normal $499 comprehensive course tuition.  The Kaplan offer is available to all juniors, whether enrolled in public school or private school or homeschooled, now through April 30.    

Find out more at

You can find Aida’s “journey” through Kaplan’s SAT online Prep course below as a series of podcasts. We just received her March, 2011 SAT scores and saw an improvement of 310 points from her diagnostic test to actual SAT scores in composite score (Math+CriticalReading+Writing). The main improvement–100 points–was in Mathematics and, in Writing, improving by 90 points.

Listen to the series (more to come):
  1. Episode 1 – Overview and First Impressions from a Teenage SAT Prep Student
  2. Episode 2 – Getting Started with Diagnostic Tests
  3. Episode 3 – Finding Out What the Classes are Like

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