A little while ago, I wrote about Unetbootin on Mac. The response from Rezuan Asrah:

Rezuan Asrah said…
I have just tried unetbootin for Mac on 10.6.6 and it didn’t work. Hanged when trying to set the bootloader.

I just tried it and the process appeared to fail at the exact same place as Rezuan’s comment indicated…here’s what it looked like:
Note that with an Ubuntu app, you can preserve files across reboots…sounds like persistent USB!
This was humming along!
This point took forever.
Success! Note that it won’t boot up a Mac, but will do a PC.
I’ve yet to see if this is a persistent USB or not, but I will let you know! In the meantime, it’s great I was able to take Peppermint ICE ISO and make it into a bootable USB Flash drive! What a time-saver not having to boot to GNU/Linux or Windows to make this happen! And, if persistence is possible, wow.

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