Amazing to find new additions to video conversion tools….
  1. MPEG StreamClip (Mac and Windows)
  2. Format Factory (Windows only) – converts proprietary PhotoStory WMVs to MP4
  3. WinFF (Windows/Linux) – works OK but doesn’t measure up to FormatFactory in usage
  4. ffmpegX (Mac only in this incarnation, although you can find FFMPEG as FOSS but it’s command line in unless you install other tools)
  5. Miro Video Converter Free. (Mac and Windows)
The newcomer (via Stephen Downes) is Media Converter….

Media Converter is absolutely free and open source. Media Converter also uses a lot of great free open source utilities to make it tick. Utilities: ffmpeg, lame, x264, libogg, libvorbis, libtheora, libvpx, faac, movtoy4m, movtowav…Since Media Converter uses ffmpeg a lot of file formats are supported. Convert avi, wmv, mkv, rm, mov and more to other formats.

Check it out and see how it stacks up to the others!

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