I’m not using Plurk anymore. Why? After spending a few hours trying to figure out how to integrate Plurk into my RSS feed-fed data-net of social networking tools, I just couldn’t find out how to do it. It was once possible (via Ping.fm) but is no more.
So, rather than update Plurk anymore manually, I’m dumping it and going back to Ping.fm and Friendfeed as the primary ways of sharing info from various RSS feeds (like GoogleReader and this blog) to Twitter, Facebook and Friendfeed. It’s terrible that Plurk developers haven’t done more with their app, but I suppose they have other things to do. Since dropping them this afternoon, several folks have told me, “Yes, I dropped Plurk, too, albeit reluctantly.”
That makes Friendfeed the main repository for all posts, so you may want to subscribe to Friendfeed to catch all the goodness. Do I still like Plurk? Yes, I do…I like it better than Facebook and Twitter, but c’est la vie.
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