At last, someone nails it, says exactly what I’ve been feeling and thinking…the Republican Tea Party is out to destroy schools, remake them in their own image, if at all. Probably, they intend to rip the funding source out and divert it for their special programs…after all, it’s what they think they have coming to them.


View a highlighted version of “The public school finance crisis is waking up moderates from their Tea Party-induced slumber. Dallas – Dallas Observer” at

Just the highlights:

* Up until this very moment, I don’t think many real people understood the magnitude or the ferocity of the attack being mounted on the basic institutions of our democracy by the ultra-right.
* The other big piece of the puzzle is the face of Texas Governor Rick Perry, whose attitude toward the school funding crisis has been cocky, sneering and dismissive.
* It’s not just about how bad the future may be. It’s also the fact that our government is in the hands of people who are glad it’s all falling apart. That was their goal all along.
* Strayhorn couldn’t have foreseen the 2007-2008 Wall Street meltdown. She estimated that our shortfall in state revenues in 2011 would be $23 billion.
* ….speaking in a sneering cocky tone, Perry told reporters that neither he nor anyone else in Austin was responsible: “The lieutenant governor, the speaker and their colleagues are not going to hire or fire one teacher, as best as I can tell,” he said.
* This is what’s coming home: For Rick Perry and the people he represents, public education itself is worthless. It needs to come down. It needs to be devastated.