Kaplan boasts a variety of tools to help you get ready for the SAT, among them a series of quizzes you can take online. In this vidcast, Aida walks you through the various parts of Kaplan’s practice work.

After login, you have a choice of various resources to explore.
These quizzes–or practice work–enabled Aida to make-up any classroom sessions she may have missed, as well as review concepts that she didn’t grasp her first time through. 
In this section, you can click into different Classroom Sessions and students begin with the Instruction component, then complete a Practice section afterwards:

Here are what screenshots of the INSTRUCTION video look like:
And the video continues with helpful diagrams….

View Episode 4 – Aida on Kaplan’s Live Online Course Practice Work to Ensure Success

Note: Sound didn’t quite work on recording embedded video tutorial. This is Aida’s first video attempt.

Listen to the rest of the series:

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  2. Episode 2 – Getting Started with Diagnostic Tests
  3. Episode 3 – Finding Out What the Classes are Like
  4. Episode 4 – Practice Work to Ensure Success
  5. Episode 5 – Proctored Work

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