In a previous blog entry, I shared my first impressions and images of Peppermint ICE, a light-weight cloud oriented GNU/Linux distribution that simply takes one’s breath away.

That said, as I look over my “heavy-weight” UbuntuLinux installation,  I realize that I have a LOT of programs that I use, if not daily, often enough to merit their installation. So, the question I’m left asking is, Should I add all these apps to my Peppermint ICE installation?
Here’s my list of must-have apps:
  1. Abiword – the little word processor that could…also does other neat stuff.
  2. Audacity sound editor
  3. Calibre – allows me to convert various ebook formats
  4. Filezilla FTP client
  5. Gnomebaker – CD/DVD burning program
  6. Gnumeric Spreadsheet program – handles Excel files, exports to CSV, etc.
  7. KeepassX – securely store your passwords in an encrypted database that is accessible on Windows, Mac and GNU/Linux, as well as Android and iPhone/iPod devices.
  8. Miro HD Player – 
  9. PDFMod – allows me to easily take apart or combine pages in a PDF file.
  10. Shotwell Photo Manager – enables me to upload images to Facebook and/or PicasaWeb.
  11. Shutter screen capture tool, simply the best I’ve seen and rivals Skitch on Mac.
  12. Simple Scan – Either this or XSANE to connect to my scanner.
  13. Skype 
  14. SkypeCallRecorder (actually works!)
  15. Sound Converter
  16. TrueCrypt
  17. Unetbootin to create bootable USB flash drives from Live Linux ISOs
  18. VLC Media Player – 

To easily install any of these programs, simply open a terminal window (Accessories->LXterminal) and type in “sudo apt-get install programname” to get it started. For example….

sudo apt-get install audacity calibre filezilla gnomebaker gnumeric keepassx shotwell shutter vlc
…would probably get you started. Or, you might encounter an error. I’ll be trying this tomorrow…I’ll let you know how it turns out!

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