The South by Southwest Festival is celebrating it’s twenty-fifth year (for music, and eighteenth year for interactive and film) by introducing SXSWedu – An education conference that will focus on educational technology and connecting with other educators in Austin, TX. (Read Source)

Although travel and conferences are not allowed (I’m grounded), it is still possible to gather a lot using social media tools like Twitter. All you need to know is the hashtag to search on – #SXSWedu (RSS). And, you can find a list of sessions online. 

“Sharing, and sharing online specifically, is not in addition to the work of being an educator. It is the work.”
-Ewan Mcintosh

Some of the take-aways from Project SHARE:
  1. Project Share is an online environment that gives educators the ability to…
    •  join professional learning communities (PLCs), 
    • participate in professional development courses, 
    • explore content repositories, and 
    • use online instructional materials. 
  2. The first state-adopted online instructional materials, which can be accessed by all Texas public high school teachers, are now available through the Project Share platform. Be sure to check the Project Share website to see the new PBS message and the latest Project Share tutorial — Getting Started in Project Share.
  3. Teachers may now complete online PD courses through Project Share. Eligible teachers who successfully complete courses are able to earn continuing professional education (CPE) credits. Contact your local education service center (ESC) to learn more about current and future Project Share course offerings. Math (MSTAR and Algebra I EOC Success) and science (K-12 Science TEKS Overview) courses are now available through all ESCs. Other courses, including Expository Reading and Writing in High School and ELPS courses for math, science, ELA, and social studies, will continue to be made available.
  4. Every district can customize the student manual available in epsilen.
  5. Student accounts available april 2011
  6. Districts do not have to wait to bring in students to project share. Double check ur aup
  7. There is now a course catalog in project share
  8. As of march 1 there r over 270k project share accounts
  9. Project SHARE Support Center Links
    4. Get more details here and here
  10. Use Epsilen course to share revised AUP & collect digital signatures from ALL staff. Read Boerne ISD’s story on how they accomplished this.
  11. Project Share is one of a multitude of resources out there. It is unique because it is statewide. New York and North Carolina are also starting to use Project Share, widening the collaborative community (Source)
    1. See sample course in Epsilen:
    2. Drop boxes are a good place to keep a large amount of course content because students frequent the area.
    3. The notes area can contain multiple types of media, are date and time stamped, and can be sent out to other course members via email, mobile phones, etc. Very clever system for having students keep up with their content. It could be used as a simple assessment of what students are learning. Have them take simple notes and send them to you.
    4. Forums – asynchronous so students don’t feel pressure to be there at a certain time. Provides for student/student, student/content, and student/instructor interaction. Student to instructor interaction is very important in these areas. Research shows student to instructor interaction here is very powerful. If you are not participating in the discussions in your online classes, you are doing your students a disservice. Research shows that discussion forums are the most frequented areas of online courses in K-12 online learning, especially right before a test or when a project is due.
    5. “The promise of innovation, imagination, and the internet are captured within ProjectShare” – Ron Reeves
    6. Texas Tour 2.0 launching in Project Share this summer!
    If you have more information worth sharing about Project SHARE, I hope you’ll send it this way!

    Update 03/9/2011: More about Project SHARE

    1. Check out PBS Teachers Activity Packs
    2. Inter and Accelerated Best Practices as live-blogged by
      1. “Improving Student Performance” under Courses in Project Share
    3. Ensuring a Successful Implementation of Project SHARE from Irving ISD

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