Richard Dias at Packt Publishing shared the following regarding available book titles for Moodle…since they are having a sale, so to speak, of their titles, it’s definitely worth checking out. As a book reviewer for several of Packt Publishing’s Moodle titles (I get a free copy of the book in the interests of full disclosure but I’m not influenced one way or another on what I wrote about it), I’ve been pleased with many of their titles, such as Mary “moodlefairy” Cooch, Ian David Wild’s, Alex Buchner, and others. 

This press release apparently will offer 4 books at $60 for all four. Which ones do I recommend for purchase? My top favorites include the following, although you may want to grab the Moodle 2.0 versions if available:

Oops, that’s 5 books. Well, you’ve some decisions to make! 

Here are my thoughts: If you’re into Web 2.0 tools, then Fernandes’ Multimedia book is a must-have; on the other hand, you may already know much of what is in his book if you are taking advantage of your PLN; it would also make a nice primer to introduce folks to Multimedia you can embed in Moodle.

If you’re into teaching language, the Second Language Teaching book is a must-have. The Course Conversion is great for high-end course developers although most folks might be able to skip it in K-12. If you aren’t administering a Moodle instance, then Alex Buchner’s book might not be as relevant for you. 

Note: You might also want to listen to podcasts with some of the authors at

I hope this helps clarify your choices! Below is the “official” press release:

Packt celebrates Moodle March with exclusive book offer
Packt has this week announced a series of discounts and promotions to herald the forthcoming publication of the Science Teaching with Moodle 2.0 book in March. Moodle March will offer readers the exclusive discounts of 20% off the cover price of all Moodle print books and readers will be able to buy any 4 Moodle eBooks from Packt at a price of $60 / £38 / €45 for a limited period only. 

Moodle is a free Course Management System (CMS), which is a web application that educators can use to create effective online learning sites. Moodle also has many effective modules and assessment techniques for testing that can be used for any subject. 

Science Teaching with Moodle 2.0, written by Vincent Lee Stocker, helps readers to create interactive lessons and activities in Moodle to enhance your students’ understanding and enjoyment of science. The book, which is 386 pages long, is packed with lots of practical examples; each chapter takes you through a different aspect of teaching using Moodle. 

“Moodle is one of the first topics Packt published books on and we remain committed to offering more interesting books that will help the diverse needs of Moodle users. The set of Moodle books we’ve recently published shows our continued commitment to topic area, and we intend to publish cutting-edge Moodle books for a long time to come”, said Packt’s Open Source publisher Doug Paterson. 

For more information on Moodle March and the discounts being offered throughout March, please visit: –

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